Helena Noguerra for Madame Figaro

Helena Noguerra is one of a kind women! and shooting with her was like a game you can play eyes closed. These were shot in studio, ‘Question de Son‘ in Paris, where Helena recorded her hot new album ‘Année Zero’

Enjoy the video backstage as well here!

EGIRAUD-MIDLM-Helena-Noguerra-1 EGIRAUD-MIDLM-Helena-Noguerra-2 EGIRAUD-MIDLM-Helena-Noguerra-3


Publication. MADAME FIGARO
Release. 19th September 2013
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud
Styling. Carole Matray
Hair. Mike Desir @ B Agency
Makeup. LorandyYumikoto
Photo assistant. Julie Chiang

Shot at studio Question de Son

Liu Xu in Couture for Elle Hong Kong

We shot just after Fall 13 Couture shows back in July for Elle Hong Kong. Liu had so much energy through the whole day. How good is it to shoot in the streets of Paris when it is warm and sunny… Plus we got a whole crowd of fascinated tourists surrounding us just on every shot! more fascinated by what we were doing than the statues and historical monuments… I love PARIS!


Publication. ELLE HONG KONG
Release. October 2013
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud
Styling. Winnie Wan (Elle Hong Kong)
Hair. Hugo Raiah @ Atelier 68
Makeup. Lorandy @ Yumikoto
Producer. François @ Yumikoto
Photo assistants. Julie Chiang & Mitch McLennan
Models. Liu Xu @ Marylin



Thomas is a model with a sharp knowledge of himself in front of the camera… Love working with him! We ended up a previously published editorial shoot playing with an eyewear vibe!!… Surprise surprise!EGIRAUD-THOMASSOTTONG12-mini


Release. September 2013
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud
Styling. Kang Wei
Model. Thomas Sottong @ Success Models
Shot at Studio Zero Paris

Marianne Fassarella, night Walker for Femina China Dec 12

This serie was shot with Marianne Fassarella from IMG models, a while back end of last year in Le Marais streets, Paris.
I wanted a woman in love with fur and feathers, walking the streets at night like a tamer.

Publication. FEMINA CHINA
Release. December 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud
Styling. Kang Wei Hu
Hair. Mike Desir @ B 4 Agency
Makeup. Lorandy @ Yumikoto
Model. Marianne Fassarella @ IMG


Thomas Sottong for Men’s Uno China March 2013

New series that I have shot with Thomas Sottong for Men’s Uno China. Soft black looks were mixed together with extreme coloured ones and a ghosty feel.

Publication. MEN’S UNO CHINA
Release. March 2013
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Kang Wei Hu
Hair. Norihide Takabayashi
Makeup. Lorandy @ Yumikoto
Model. Thomas Sottong @ Success

Shot at Studio Zero Paris

Stefan Pollmann for Vision Magazine in The Brazen Age

What does it feel to be a fashionable murderer living in Paris these days…? Well, I guess this story was my initial intention. Stefan Pollmann, is a brillant and expressive models from Success @ Paris. We’ve shot this all in one day, with a minimal crew of 3 people… a first time trial that proved to be very efficient.

I will be releasing on egfashiondiary.com extra unreleased shots… the original story is based on 20 pages with more sex and violence…

Publication. VISION MAG
Release. March 2013
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Loanna Haseltine
Model. Stefan Pollmann @ Success

Agathe Bonitzer for Madame Figaro Special Mode issue

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to shoot, young French actress, Agathe Bonitzer, for a profile fashion page in the last issue of Madame Figaro (special Mode).
Agathe is in 3 major French movies this month, including the latest of Jaoui / Bacri “Au bout du conte“.
I am still fascinated by her real taxidermy bunny on top of her fireplace, which I had to have in the shot!


Alexina Graham for DASH Magazine Fall 2012 issue

Etrange Affaire relates to the life of Wallis Franken, the former muse of Claude Montana. Heather and I wanted to express in this story the beauty and the falls of the modelling industry, through what we know of her life. Alexina Graham totally embraced the character in this story.

Publication. DASH MAGAZINE
Release. September 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Heather Cairns
Hair. Luciano Medeiros
Makeup. Yumi Endo @ Marie France Thavonekham
Model. Alexina Graham @ Elite

Shot at Hotel Chateau Frontenac

Haute Couture Masquerade for ELLE HONG KONG September 2012

We shot this story at the Shangri-La hotel in Paris on the 6th July 2012. I remember the madness of shooting all the couture looks, the next day after all the couture shows . We even had 20 min for some of them… we were shooting inside while it was hailing outside!

Publication. ELLE HONG KONG
Release. September 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Winnie Wan (Elle Hong Kong)
Hair. Henry @ Yumikoto
Makeup. Yumi Endo @ Marie France Thavonekham
Producer. Leonard Cuinet
Photo assistants. Laurent and Brian
Models. Jin @ Longteng, Kaylan Fagoulst @ MGM, Fed Jones and Giovanni Bonamy @ Eye Models

Shot at Shangri-La Hotel Paris

IMANY for MADAME FIGARO 29th Sept 2012

We shot this story at Hotel Particulier in Montmartre, probably one of my favourite private escapade in Paris now. I am in love with Imany’s voice and beautiful charisma.

Below the tears from the publication.


Publication. MADAME FIGARO
Release.  29th September 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Alexandra Tesson
Hair. Blu Marine
Makeup. Jolanta Cedro @ B Agency
Photo assistant. Laurent
Models. Imany

Shot at Hotel Particulier Montmartre


Ciprian is a Romanian footballer currently playing for Bundesliga club Schalke 04 and the Romanian national team. We shot this story at Le Carmen in Paris. I guess the mood is clearly in the shots and don’t need any further description… The story has been published in the September issue of GQ Romania.

Publication. GQ ROMANIA
Release. September 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Simon L’Allemand
Grooming/Makeup. NAB @ Yumikoto
Photo assistant.Laurent
Model. Ciprian Marica

Shot at Le Carmen

Neo Classic Elegance for VOGUE IT June 2012

2 days spent in Deauville back in March 2012. Donatella and I were dreaming of a story on the beach, with 2 black girls, all styled in black and the final story processed in BW. We ended spending the 2 days in the ‘Johnny Halliday’ suite and around the swimming pool of hotel Royal Barrière as we could embrace a more luxurious set within the hotel. We had to shoot the outside shots between storms. Hail again on that shoot followed by portions of 10 minutes of sun. Akuol was quite happy… the pool temperature was at 27 degrees.

Akuol repeating her step forward before the shot.

Publication. VOGUE IT
Release. June 2012
Photography. Emmanuel Giraud @ Yumikoto
Styling. Donatella Musco @ JedRoot
Hair. Stéphanie Farouze @ JedRoot
Makeup. Damian Garozzo @ JedRoot
Photo assistants. Jo Molines
Models. Akuol @ Elite, Awa @ IMG

Shot at Hotel Royal Barrière